Culture on Every Corner is an exciting initiative led by seven non-profit organizations and created to promote Winnipeg’s vibrant arts and culture scene. It’s about showcasing a city where you can take in the arts pretty much any day of the year, it’s about letting the rest of the world know that Winnipeg is Canada’s Culture Capital and it’s about inviting you to experience what Winnipeggers have had the opportunity to be part of for generations.

But Culture on Every Corner is about more than promoting Winnipeg’s arts and culture scene. It’s about creating a community where arts and culture enthusiasts can share in their love of the live show, proudly pronounce their fondness of art and more importantly, get great deals and exclusive offers. Our mission is to market Winnipeg as Canada’s premiere destination for arts and culture, to provide a gateway to the most current information on performances and shows, and to increase visits and overnight stays in Winnipeg.

Thousands of shows. One city. Culture on every Corner.