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Manitoba Museum

A World-Class Museum

The Manitoba Museum is unique in Canada as it is the only heritage centre where youc an experience a world-class history museum along with a Science Gallery and Planetarium - all under one roof! And, the Museum boasts a newly expanded and enhanced exhibition hall which hosts blockbuster exhibits each year.

Step Into the Living Past

Set sail on a thrilling voyage of discovery at the Manitoba Museum. You'll be awestruck when you gaze up at the towering masts of a British 17th century life-size replica ship, the Nonsuch! You'll swear the deck is moving as you step aboard to experinece life as a sailor, embarking on an adventure to Hudson's Bay.

The Museum's Ancient Seas gallery provides a mesmerizing, computer animated underwater environment that takes you back 450 milion years ago to a tropical sea that would one day become Churchill. Fast forward in time to watch a polar bear under the northern lights, and learn about the traditional lifestyle of the Inuit.

Immerse yourself in the Boreal Forest, walking beside a waterfall while a Cree family engages in rock painting and gathers food under the gaze of nearby moose and wolves.

In the Urban Gallery, feel the pulse of the vibrant young city of Winnipeg as it was in 1920. A moment in time is preserved in the wooden boardways and in the railway station, sewing factory and everyone's favourite - the Proscenium Theatre where you can watch the silent films of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.

And so much more...

Science Gallery Fun

The mysteries of science and engineering are fun for visitors of all ages in the Museum's interactive Science Gallery. From building challenges with LEGO bricks, desgining your own race car, and saving Lake Winnipeg through a state-of-the-art game simulation - it's undeniable that hands-on learning is fun!.

Full Dome Planetarium

Cutting edge Digistar technology takes visitors on a trip through the starry galaxy from pre-produced shows to customized 'Live in the Sky' presentations, sit back and let your imagination take you on an adventure throught the universe!


For that special gift or souvenir, you can visit our Museum Shop, which has a wide variety of unique treasures handcrafted by Manitoba artists.

The Manitoba Museum specializes in customized group tours. To book a group tour, please call toll-free at 1-888-231-9739, or by email at grouptours@manitobamuseum.ca

For general information, call (204) 956-2830 or go to our website at www.manitobamuseum.ca. The Museum is located at 190 Rupert Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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